November 7, 2018

More Than a Dozen MSM Students to Perform at the Benefit Gala for Classic Lyric Arts on Nov. 8

Classic Lyric Arts, headed by MSM faculty member Glenn Morton, is a non-profit that supports developing young opera singers, through immersive language and cultural experiences offered in  France or Italy each summer.

Seventeen Manhattan School of Music students are performing at the benefit gala on November 8, being held at the townhouse of The Kosciuszko Foundation on East 65th Street in New York City.

The MSM voice students taking part are:

Chantal Brundate (MM ’18)
Sarah Bacani (BM ’21)
Leah Israel (BM ’21)
Travis Benoit (MM ’20)
Yong Jae Lee (MM ’19)
Yoon hee Park (MM ’19)
Victoria Policht (BM ’19)
Melanie Dubil (BM ’20)
Emily Hanseul Park (BM ’20)
Shan Hai (BM ’20)
Blair Cagney (MM ’20)
Rosario Hernandez (BM ’20)
Yue Huang (MM ’19)
Bela Albett (BM ’20)
Rachel Querreveld (MM ’19)
Taicheng Li (MM ’19)
Fernando Cisneros(MM ’17)

Classic Lyric Arts participants pose with Artistic Director Glenn Morton (6th from left) in France

More about  Classic Lyric Arts, from artistic director Glenn Morton:

“Classic Lyric Arts summer training programs in France and Italy share a common conviction that the essence of great singing originates in language, and that language is a reflection of culture and history.

Training with expert coaches and teachers in French and Italian style, while experiencing the place and the people that gave birth to this art form, empowers singers to explore opera and song more deeply, to refine their craft, and to achieve mastery as singers in French and Italian.”

Visit the Classic Lyric Arts website:

To attend the benefit gala as a donor, please contact:

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