April 29, 2020

Selfie Greetings from the Manhattan School of Music Campus!

MSM Students (and others!) still in Andersen Hall send a virtual hello to the MSM Community.

Currently, about 80 members of the MSM Community are residing in Andersen Hall. This “selfie campaign” initiated by President Gandre is a fun way for many of these students to send greetings to the rest of us spread far and wide, around the world.


  • Cameron Anthony, Musical Theatre (BM '21)

    Terrell, Texas

  • Cheryl Bains, Voice (BM '21)

    “I caught a bit of Sakura park in the background.”

  • George Baolin, Voice (MM '20)

    Beijing, China

  • Corbin Born, Musical Theatre (BM '22)

    Corinth, Texas

  • Rayna Campbell, Voice (BM '21) (President, Black Student Union)

    Bellevue, Illinois

  • Gabriella Chea, Voice (MM '20)

    Los Angeles, California 

  • Patrick Creedon, Musical Theatre (BM '23)

    Burlington, Massachusetts

  • Nicholas Creus, Jazz Guitar (BM '21)

    Rye, New York

  • Elham Fanous, Piano (MM '21)

    Kabul, Afghanistan

  • President Jim Gandre and Dr. Boris Thomas

    New York, New York

  • Jonathan Gilbert, Classical Saxophone (BM '22)

    Highland, New York

  • Cory Hicks, Daytime Security Guard

    New York, New York

  • Will Hopkins, Percussion (BM '21)

    Dallas, Texas

  • Nianyi Huang, Piano (BM '20)

    Anhui Province, China
    “I am looking forward to seeing you at MSM in the next semester- the beginning of my Master degree. Please stay safe and healthy!”

  • Yile Huang, Voice (MM '21)

    Inner Mongolia of China

    “Hope everything is wonderful, please stay healthy and be safe”

  • Tatuka Kutsnashvili, Piano (MM '21)

    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Chaemyung Lee, Viola (BM '20)

    Ilsan, South Korea

  • Eunsung Lee, Voice (PS '20)

    Fullerton, California

  • Jenna Levere, Musical Theatre (BM '20)

    Los Altos, California
    “Living in practice rooms to finish senior showcase videos.”

  • Wenzhe Li, Piano (PS '20)

    Shandong, China

  • Gavon Mitchell, Voice (BM '23)

    Putnam Valley, New York

  • Ongama Mhlontlo, Voice (MM '21)

    Mthatha, South Africa 

  • Samantha Melin, Musical Theatre (BM '22)

    Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Katherine Parrish, Musical Theatre (BM '21)

    Orange County, California

  • Matthew Pauls, Bassoon (BM '23)

    Simi Valley, CA

  • Will Richards, Percussion (BM '23)

    Wheaton, Illinois

  • Jack Rittendale, Viola (BM '23)

    St. Louis, Missouri

  • Joan Sanchez, Jazz Piano (BM '20)

    Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • Chandler Sinks, Musical Theatre (BM '21)

    Dallas, Texas

  • Owen Storey, Jazz Double Bass (BM '21)

    Berkeley, California

  • Laura Soto, Head Security Guard, Andersen Hall

    New York, New York

  • Samantha Tymchyn, Director of Residence Life

    New York, New York

  • Mateo Vintimilla, Classical Guitar (BM '20)

    Cuenca, Ecuador

  • Kelin Wang, Piano (BM '21)

    Chongqing, China

  • Yixiang Wang, Violin (BM '22)

    Xi’an, China 

  • Lumeng Yang, Violin (BM '20)

    Beijing, China

  • Ni Yan, Cello (MM '20)

    Beijing, China
    “We all feel warmth here! My parents also would like me to say thank you!”

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