November 17, 2022

Students in the Contemporary Performance Program perform, record, and create with electronics in MSM’s electronics studio

Tucked away next to Mikowsky Recital Hall lies an MSM hidden gem for performing and creating with electronics.

Room 409 is a technological playground for students in our Contemporary Performance Program (CPP). We spoke with the trailblazing performer-composer and CPP electronics faculty member Todd Reynolds about technology, creativity, and fluency with electronics in today’s ever-advancing musical landscape. 

SLIDE SHOW: The classroom is designed around professional-grade production and performance equipment available for students to use in the "Performing With Electronics" courses held in MSM's Room 409 (in final photo: MSM student Bryan Cowan).

Expanding outward, experimentation, fun, and play – these form the domain of creating with technology, and they’re equally available for every style and art form. 

CPP faculty member

Listen to CPP Faculty Todd Reynolds from a recent live-stream where he composed with electronics in real time, live from his home!

“The most important technological skill one can learn today as a working musician is how to record and produce oneself.”

CPP faculty member

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