November 15, 2018

Centennial Spotlight: The Legacies of Pianists Dora Zaslavsky and Constance Keene

A special event took place at MSM on Oct 18: Lives of the Piano

As part of Manhattan School of Music’s Centennial Season programming, faculty member Lisa Yui devoted this fall’s program in her Lives of the Piano series to the legacies of two formidable members of the MSM piano faculty:

DORA ZASLAVSKY KOCH (1904–1987) and
CONSTANCE KEENE (1921–2005).

Event highlights:

  • Performances by former students of Zaslavsky and Keene
  • A panel discussion by faculty members (and alumni) Phillip Kawin and Marc Silverman
  • A video presentation highlighting the invaluable roles the two pianists played in the history of the School.

About the Video

Produced by MSM resident historian John Blanchard, the 14-minute video traces Zaslavsky’s legacy back to her studies with Harold Bauer and MSM founder Janet Daniels Schenck, and examines Keene’s influence throughout her life until her death in 2005.

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