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May 2021

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Learn more about this virtual production that took place during the academic year 2020/2021.

MSM Musical Theatre Presents:


MAY 15 | SAT
7:30 PM EDT

Jaki Bradley, Director 
Banji Aborisade
, Choreographer
David Gardos
, Music Director
Benjamin Velez, Music and Lyrics
Katie Hathaway, Book


What does it mean to be turning 30 and living with your parents? Starblasters is about a generation raised to believe in opportunity only to come of age in a post-recession America where financial security has never been less certain and childhood dreams feel beyond reach. Our characters have spent the ten years since high school hiding behind the nostalgic specter of their youths by working at the local run-down theme park. But with the park’s closure looming, five friends must face the future head on, or face the prospect of a life dependent on their parents, chained to a dead-end job, losing their ability to dream.

Watch the Starblasters TikTok Collage!

As part of our digital production of Starblasters, the cast and creative team collaborated on a series of short videos and TikToks inspired by the characters, world, and themes of the musical.

Watch the TikTok collage here!

Watch the Starblasters “Rig the Game” Music Video

We hope you enjoy this music video of “Rig the Game”, the Act 1 finale from Starblasters. This video was filmed in collaboration with a professional film crew at Sakura Park, across the street from MSM’s campus.

Watch the music video here

A Note from the Director


Starblasters was originally slated to rehearse beginning in May 2020. When that (and everything) changed, the creative team started talking about what a digital production of the show could look like. What would be most useful for this new musical? And what would be most exciting for the students at MSM?

Through our conversations, we decided to present something different: three separate projects that make up the Starblasters experience. First, we collaborated with the students to create a series of short videos and TikToks riffing on the characters, themes, and world of the musical; then, we shot a musical film set to one of the show’s big production numbers. We rehearsed, recorded, and performed in person (following COVID protocols) and worked with a professional film crew, dancing in Sakura Park for one very long shoot day. And lastly, we rehearsed a reading of the musical in its entirety, using a combination of prerecorded demos and songs performed live.

While nothing can replace the thrill of live theater–and I think the last year has reinforced that more than ever–the talent, commitment, and rigor of the cast made this a very special experience, and one the creative team is grateful for. In many ways, Starblasters is a musical about celebrating what you have and the people you get to share it with, and from the cast and creative team, we’re very happy to share this show with you. Enjoy!

Jaki Bradley

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

Starblasters | May 2021

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