MSM Piano Policy

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Our school has a collection of over 180 fine pianos, most of which are Steinways. As these instruments are used by all members of the community, it is important to have a set of guidelines to maintain their quality.

Private Studios, Classrooms, and Practice Rooms


  • Do not move the piano or remove piano lids without assistance.
  • Do not let any object, including music stands and chairs, touch the piano.
  • Do not eat or drink on or near the piano.

This instrument may not be used as a prepared piano.

Pianos for Prepared or Extended Use

Prepared or extended use is considered any use of the piano that involves touching more than the keys and pedals.

The following practice rooms are available for prepared and extended use:

  • Rooms 420, 423, and 424 in the School
  • Room 2-O and 2-P in Andersen Residence Hall


  • Do not touch the dampers.
  • Do not move the piano or remove piano lids without assistance.
  • Only use dry erase markers to mark the strings.
  • Be sure to leave the piano in the condition in which it was found, without any remnants of the preparation or marking.

The following pianos are available for prepared-piano rehearsal or performance:

  • The Baldwin 7′ piano in the Bossi-Comelli Studio
  • The Baldwin 9′ piano in the Ades Performance Space
  • The Baldwin 7′ piano in classroom 329

If your performance is in a venue other than the Ades Performance Space and calls for a 9′ piano (Steinway model D), please present the score to Margaret Kampmeier (pkpiano@verizon.net), Chair of the Contemporary Performance Program, and Israel Schossev (ischossev@msmnyc.edu), Manager of Piano Technical Services, for approval.

Special Tuning Requests

Requests for the tuning of two or more pianos together in performance/rehearsal spaces must be made in writing to pianotech@lists.msmnyc.edu at least one week in advance of the requested date.

For assistance, please contact Piano Technical Services at 917-493-4425, pianotech@lists.msmnyc.edu, or Facilities at 917-493-4448.

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