Graduation & Diplomas

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Once all requirements are met for graduation, you must submit a Diploma Application Form.

All students scheduled to graduate must submit a Diploma Application Form to the Office of the Registrar. It is the responsibility of each student to contact the office of the Registrar regarding outstanding courses or grades in order to ensure all graduation requirements will have been met.

A $40.00 fee is charged for all replacement diplomas and diploma reprints. The above Diploma Application Form may be used to request a diploma reprint/replacement, and should be sent to the Office of the Registrar along with a check or money order.  Please be aware that the reprint/replacement diploma will contain the signatures of the current President and Board Chairperson.

Commencement ceremonies are held annually each May and are coordinated by the Office of Student Life. You can find more information about Commencement here.




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