Adding and Dropping Classes

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Students may request changes in their schedules only during the Add/Drop and Withdrawal Periods.

For information about Add/Drop and Withdrawal periods please look at the Academic Calendar.

No schedule changes are possible after the conclusion of the Add/Drop and Withdrawal Periods nor is a schedule change considered official until it is processed by the Office of the Registrar.


Courses may be added by filing the appropriate forms in the Office of the Registrar during the Add/Drop Period. Students must obtain the approval and signature of an academic counselor to be added to a course. In addition to the counselor-approved Add/Drop Form, a completed Permission to Enroll form and/or Over Credit form may be required for some transactions. Only after the completed form(s) have been filed in the Office of the Registrar may the student officially enroll in the course.


Non-required courses may be dropped by filing the appropriate forms in the Office of the Registrar during the Add/Drop Period. (See below for Drop/Withdraw policies concerning required courses.) Failure to file the completed Add/Drop Form will result in the student’s continued enrollment in the course; continued enrollment without attendance will result in an automatic Failing grade.

Course Withdrawals

Students may withdraw from a non-required course by filing an Add/Drop Form. (See below for Drop/Withdraw policies concerning required courses.) An approved withdrawal results in a grade of W being applied to the course in question. While the grade of W does not affect the student’s grade point average, it does prevent the student from Dean’s List eligibility, and the course remains on his or her record, with the student remaining responsible for the credit associated with the course. Failure to file a Withdrawal Form constitutes continued enrollment in the course, and the student is, therefore, subject to the requirements and responsibilities of the course. Failure to withdraw or complete the requirements will result in a failing grade.

Drop or Withdraw from a Required Course

It is the educational philosophy and policy of Manhattan School of Music to require that all students complete their degree or diploma requirements in the manner described in the catalog. Should a student feel that personal circumstances necessitate dropping or withdrawing from a required course, the student must complete and submit a General Petition Form. The petition will be evaluated and approved or declined by committee. Deadlines and regulations concerning dropped and withdrawn courses will otherwise apply.




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