Jeffrey Langford

College Faculty:

Associate Dean of Doctoral Studies, DMA faculty

Dr. Jeffrey Langford, Associate Dean of Doctoral Studies, DMA Faculty

Dr. Jeffrey Langford received his Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the music history faculty of Manhattan School of Music in 1982, after teaching at Skidmore College for six years. Dr. Langford retired from teaching music history at MSM in 2022. He presently serves as a MSM faculty member, advisor, and associate dean of doctoral studies. Dr. Langford has devoted much of his research and writing to the music of Hector Berlioz, especially its literary and autobiographical connections. He is the author of an annotated bibliography of research materials on Berlioz titled Hector Berlioz: A Guide to Research. In addition, Dr. Langford has appeared as a preconcert lecturer at the New York Metropolitan Opera for the past ten years, where he presents talks on both French opera and the works of Verdi. His recent book Evenings at the Opera is a collection of essays addressing the question of the relationship of music to drama in opera from Mozart to Britten.

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