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Our students share stories of the meaning and the importance of your generous gifts.

Below, MSM students share stories of the meaning and importance of donor support. We hope that you will enjoy reading these testimonials from gifted young musicians who have benefitted from the generosity of our scholarship donors. A contribution in any amount can help hard-working and talented students reach their goals.

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Meet Some of MSM’s Talented College Scholarship Recipients!

I would like to express sincere appreciation for your generosity to support our musical studies. During this difficult time in our current society, we could not be more grateful. With your help, we are able to take advantage of all the opportunities and open doors in this renowned school. Your kind contributions have supported our aspirations and made our dreams come to life.


Sonya Shin
Bachelor of Music, Classical Violin
Selma W. Berkman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


The scholarship that MSM has given me represents a fundamental support to my educational career. I am deeply honored and grateful for the wonderful scholarship I have received.


Giuseppe Buscemi
Doctor of Musical Arts, Classical Guitar
College Scholarship Recipient
Alcano, Italy


I am very grateful for the support and kindness of the generous donors who continue to provide opportunities for young musicians, like me, to dream big and reach for the stars!


Subiya Mboya
Bachelor of Music, Musical Theatre
Lloyd Gelassen Fellowship Fund Scholarship Recipient
Hackensack, New Jersey


I am grateful for the generous, thoughtful kindness of the arts donors, for affording me and my fellow musicians the privilege to further our education and reach for the stars. During these challenging times, I am grateful to have a home at MSM where I feel comfortable expanding my horizons.


Zoe Malelekwa
Bachelor of Music, Jazz Arts
Hugh Masekela Heritage Scholarship Recipient
Johannesburg, South Africa


Meet Some of MSM’s Talented Precollege Scholarship Recipients!

“Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams as a young violinist. I am truly grateful for this opportunity, and I hope that one day I will be able to help young musicians pursue a love of classical music as this scholarship opportunity has helped me.”

Kearston Gonzales

Kearston Gonzales, Violin
Andrew Goodman Memorial Endowed Precollege Scholarship Recipient


“I started playing the cello at the age of two when my mom decided that learning to play cello would be a great way to teach an energetic toddler how to sit still. Twelve years later, I love the cello, and I would love to pursue a career in music. I learn so much from all of my classes, and particularly benefit from both the music theory and ear training classes.”

Kendall Gonzales

Kendall Gonzales, Cello
Alex Assoian Music Project Scholarship Recipient


“MSM’s Precollege is something I look forward to every week. It is an environment where I am surrounded by a variety of lovely people who all share a common interest. I truly enjoy the classes here. My ultimate goal is to expand my overall understanding of music; learning music theory, gaining a grasp on history, studying and conducting orchestral scores, and developing listening prowess. Aside from playing piano, I find joy in composition. Of course, I am only beginning, and I have an unfathomable amount to learn, but I want to develop this skill as much as I can and hopefully write for films or video games. I am so glad and grateful that I am able to attend MSM Precollege. Coming here made me realize how vast the music world is and how much I have yet to learn.”

Ethan Jiang

Ethan Jiang, Classical Piano
Dorothy Hales Gary Precollege Scholarship Recipient


“My family immigrated to the U.S. in 2015. That same year, I was accepted to MSM’s Precollege. I was amazed by how much MSM had to offer and how much I could do within these walls. My family, and especially my father, encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a pianist. My father passed away in 2018. He had always been my biggest supporter and inspiration. Even though he can no longer hear me play, I know that he would be very proud of me. My scholarship will allow me to continue my education in difficult financial circumstances.”

Emiliya Lytvynova-Mullerman

Emiliya Lytvynova-Mullerman, Classical Piano
Carl Owen Memorial Precollege Scholarship Recipient


“I sincerely thank you for funding my education in Manhattan School of Music Precollege. With all of the financial struggles due to COVID-19, I feel especially thankful for the scholarship, so that I am able to continue my studies in jazz and classical trumpet. Without this opportunity, I would not be able to make new friends, learn musical concepts, nor improve my trumpet playing nearly as easily. I look forward to representing this scholarship.”

Dustin Zhao

Dustin Zhao, Classical and Jazz Trumpet
Nana’s Way Precollege Scholarship Recipient


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