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At Setting the Stage workshops industry experts share their advice, insights, and experience to help MSM students and alumni advance their careers.

Each school year The Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact (CCRCI) produces dozens of informative Setting the Stage panel discussions and hands-on workshops. A range of music professionals and entrepreneurs, including many MSM alumni, share valuable career information. Past workshops are listed below.


NOV 7 | TUES| 4:00 – 5:50PM
“Financial Literacy” with Zoe Martin-Doike
(Room 509)

  • Join guest speaker Zoe Martin-Doike, violist of the Met Opera Orchestra, and accountant/tax preparer, as she discusses organizational finance basics, taxes, personal business best practices, and how to prepare now for retirement/investing.
  • Presented as part of ME 2600.OP, Career Essentials for the Orchestra.
  • Students not in ME 2600.OP can click here to RSVP.

“All the Setting the Stage workshops give valuable insights for traditional and innovative career paths. They are equally valuable for their insights on the business models transforming our profession.”

President of Manhattan School of Music

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