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How to change your Password

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For security reasons, all MSM staff, faculty, and students are required to frequently change their Password.

Please remember:

  • Never share your passwords with anyone.
  • Create a password that is easy to remember, yet complex enough that it’s difficult to easily figure out. For example, Password123! is easy to remember and also easy to figure out.
  • Do not write your password on a sticky note and leave it posted on your computer or laptop.
  • Do not store any passwords in your email account or on any computer files. If your email or computer is compromised, your password(s) can be easily used to access your online resources.

This tool is similar to other security measures that most online services and institutions use to ensure:

  • No one else, including MSM IT, has access to your password,
  • You are using a strong password that is complex and not easily discovered by someone else,
  • You have the flexibility to perform your own password reset at any time 24×7, and
  • You periodically change your MSM password to improve the security of MSM’s data and information.

For any questions relating to you password or any other security questions, please contact the Help Desk at 917-493-4717 or send an email to

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