Information Security Awareness

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Academic institutions of all sizes have become attractive targets for cyber-criminals and hackers similar to much larger merchant companies, financial services firms and government agencies. It’s important that we understand how to detect and protect ourselves from these attempts to steal and misuse our personal, confidential, financial, and institutional information. Since the use of computers, smartphones, public kiosks, “free” Wi-Fi services and complimentary software applications is prevalent across society, the risks of your data being stolen has grown.

To help you better understand the risks of your data, identity and assets being misappropriated, this website has been developed to communicate the processes and techniques used by criminals to capture your data and what you can do to protect it. Being knowledgeable, aware and vigilant are your key tools to secure against these threats.

Keeping you, and your data safe in an ever-changing world is not easy. No one should be expected to simply know things, without help.

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