May 23, 2018

Congratulations to Manhattan School of Music’s Class of 2018!

On Friday, May 11, members of the Class of 2018 graduated and became our newest alumni!

Here are photos of some Commencement highlights:

Graduates with President Gandre

Way to go, Class of 2018!

President Gandre with this year's recipients of the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service (from left to right): pianist Lisa Yui (DMA ’05), Assistant Dean for Assessment and Programs; longtime Piano faculty member Phillip Kawin (BM ’82, MM ’85); and Dean of Enrollment Amy Anderson

Heading over to Riverside Church for the ceremony

Selfies with President Gandre

Lining up to enter Riverside Church

President Gandre greeting students, MSM faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, alumni and guests

Opera graduates performing “Make Our Garden Grow”

Jimmy Greene (DMA ’18) performing his composition “Second Breakfast” with graduates Matthew Malanowski (BM ’18), Dierk Peters (MM ’18), Fabrizo Sciacca (MM ’18), and Ryan Joseph Sands (MM ’17)

President Gandre with this year’s Honorary Doctorate recipients (from left to right): Robert McDonald (DMA ’90), Paquito D’Rivera, Luis Perez, Plácido Domingo, and Bernard Labadie

“I hope those of you graduating today will look back on wonderful lives dedicated to music… even more important, I hope that all of you regardless of where your careers take you, will continue to love music and to be grateful for the knowledge and understanding of it that you have developed here. Everything that you are learning now will be with you all your lives . . . Today is a special day. It is the beginning of a journey. In all of life’s good or bad moments, it is the music alone that gives us musicians the strength to cope with everything. I firmly believe that we can make the world a better place to live. Now it is your turn to go out into the world. Never stop studying and discovering great music all your lives.” —Plácido Domingo (Hon. DMA ’18)

“We learn and grow everyday. Take time to reflect often. Find your purpose. Why are you the artist that you are? Why do you sing? Why do you play? Have a why. It may change over the years, and that’s okay, but always have a purpose. Build yourself up so that you’re always the best version of yourself and embrace your accomplishments. We are always improving, but I also encourage you to be proud of yourself. Love yourself. It’s an everyday endeavor... just like gratitude. Reflect on your blessings and your opportunities. Every breath you take is a reminder that you’re alive, so take advantage of every breath.” —Student speaker José Maldonado (MM ’18)

“Each and every one of you graduating today has a gift. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. Use it with pride to serve your community and share your talents with people that normally wouldn’t have access to them. From underprivileged children, to the elderly, the disabled, and even for struggling arts organizations, you make a profound difference in the lives of others, and more importantly, in your own life as well.” —Commencement speaker Robert McDonald (DMA ’90, Hon. DMA ’18)

MSM Student Council President Kenneth Chauby (BM ’18)

Congratulations again, Class of 2018!

Didn’t get a chance to watch Manhattan School of Music's 2018 Commencement? Watch it here!

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