June 1, 2020

MSM alumni come together for Lean On Me concert series for COVID-19 relief

DATE CHANGE: The final concert of the Lean On Me series, originally scheduled for June 6th, has been rescheduled to June 13th at 4pm. The OmniARTS Foundation states: “The Lean On Me concert series is envisioned as a celebration of art, humanity, and health. We stand in solidarity with the black community and thus will create space for attention to institutionalized racism, hate, and intolerance.”

Alumna Amanda Austin (MM ’18), Founder and President of The OmniARTS Foundation, is producing the third and final concert of “Lean On Me: A Virtual Concert Series for COVID-19 Relief” next Saturday, June 13 at 4pm EST.

“The MSM alumni featured on this series are stellar,” says Austin. “I could not be more proud of my alma mater and the artists it has produced. Sharing their impeccable artistry through the Lean On Me project and OmniARTS’ mission has been an honor.”

The latest installment of this virtual event will be streamed LIVE on June 6 via Facebook and YouTube and features MSM alumna J’Nai Bridges (BM ’09) and faculty member Todd Reynolds.

The previous two concerts in the series, which benefitted the New Music Solidarity Fund and Artist Relief Tree, included performances by nearly fifteen Manhattan School of Music alumni from all genres of music offered at the School.

Promotional video for Lean On Me's opera concert featuring J'Nai Bridges (BM '09)

All concerts are free and accessible; to attend, visit @OmniARTSFoundation on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or theomniartsfoundation.com. Donations are encouraged, and a suggested donation of $35 USD is payable via theomniartsfoundation.com/donate-to-lean-on-me.

Fifty percent of the proceeds for the concert benefit The First Responders Children’s Foundation, which provides support for first responders and their families who are enduring financial hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The MSM alumni featured on this series are stellar! I could not be more proud of my alma mater and the artists it has produced.

(MM '18), Founder of OmniARTS Foundation

The OmniARTS Foundation is a non-profit arts organization that fosters collaboration between artists of varying disciplines in performance events like Lean On Me, arts education, and new work commissions.

“Artists are not one-dimensional. We have so many communicative devices at our disposal,” says Amanda. “We can share our messages of gratitude and hope loudly when we do so together.”

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