March 9, 2023

MSM student Mikey Migliore (MM ’23) performs at the 2023 Grammy Awards with Best New Artist Samara Joy

Jazz bassist and current MSM student Mikey Migliore (MM ’23) recently performed with Best New Artist Grammy winner Samara Joy on one of the music industry’s biggest stages: the 65th Annual Grammy Awards telecast.

Mikey, now touring with Samara Joy, shared his thoughts on having performed at the Grammys and what he values about his time at MSM.

(in photo above, jazz singer Samara Joy has fun posing in the hosting chair of The Tonight Show, showing off her band including Mikey Migliore to her immediate right. Samara also won Best Jazz Album at the 2023 Grammys).

Watch Mikey Migliore perform Can’t Get Out Of This Mood with Samara Joy at the 2023 Grammy Awards broadcast:

What was it like performing at the Grammy Awards? What was most exciting for you?

Mikey: I’m so lucky to have had the honor of performing at the Grammys with Samara Joy. Playing for and meeting some of my biggest idols made for an unforgettable weekend. Also watching one of my close friends win the Best New Artist award was a surreal experience.

What was the rehearsal process like leading up to the Grammys?

Mikey: Leading up to the event, the band had been on the road for a bit, so we had no formal rehearsal before the event. We’ve been playing together so much that we were able to go straight to soundcheck and then perform at the ceremony.

Samara Joy performs at the Grammys with Mikey on bass to her right

What’s next for you?

Mikey: I’m so lucky to have had some amazing gigs with the band. In February, we performed at Dizzy’s Club and Cafe Bohemia. We also performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which was incredible. I’ll be heading to Europe for two weeks with Samara and the band for some concerts!

Watch Mikey Migliore perform “Guess Who I Saw Today” with Samara Joy on <em>The Tonight Show</em> hosted by Jimmy Fallon

Tell us about the Jazz Arts program at MSM. What do you most enjoy about it?

Mikey: MSM has given me the opportunity to study with the great Buster Williams who has taught me so much during my time here. Mr. Williams has played with all the great jazz singers and has given me advice that I’ll think about every time I pick up a bass.

Mikey (second from left) with the Buster Williams Octet at MSM's Jazz ComboFest, Spring 2022

“Buster Williams has played with all the great Jazz singers and has given me advice that I’ll think about every time I pick up a bass.”

MSM Jazz Arts Program

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