April 16, 2022

MSM Spotlight: Eduardo Gutterres (MM ’23) and Gabriele Leite (MM ’22), classical guitarists in the April 19 International Students Concert

The 16th Annual International Students Concert on April 19 at 7:30 PM features international students at MSM performing music from their home countries, including Eduardo Gutterres (MM ’23) and Gabriele Leite (MM ’22) from Brazil.

Eduardo and Gabriele speak to us about the concert, about being international students at MSM, and about living in NYC.


Gabriele Leite, originally from Cerquilho, Brazil, is graduating with a master’s degree in guitar performance at MSM this spring. She was named to the prestigious Under 30 list of Forbes Brasil magazine. Geledés magazine calls her a young Brazilian classical guitarist that “we need to talk more about.”

Gabriele Leite studied at Projeto Guri and Tatuí Conservatory of Music, and holds a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance from the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) studying with Dr. Gisela Nogueira. Her teachers include Edson Lopes, Angela Muner, and Paulo Martelli. With Camila Silva, Nicolas Porto Silva and Octavio Deluchi, Gabriele is a founder member of BCGC – the Brazilian Classical Guitar Community – a platform that helps amplify guitar repertoire through Brazilian music and composers.


Eduardo Gutterres is studying for his master’s at MSM with Mark Delpriora, and has been establishing himself as one of his generation’s leading guitarists in Brazil. He recently won first prize in the Eisenberg-Fried Concerto Competition held at Manhattan School of Music.

He holds a Bachelor of Music with honors from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre/Brazil), where he studied with Paulo Inda and Flávia Domingues Alves. In 2019, he moved to São Paulo after being chosen among 200 Brazilian applicants as the Cultura Artística Scholar to study with Fabio Zanon and Paulo Martelli.

What will you be performing in this concert and why did you choose this song?

Gabriele: Edu and I are going to perform two pieces written for guitar, Bate-Coxa by Marco Pereira and Jongo by Paulo Bellinati. We chose this set of pieces because both showcase essential regional Brazilian rhythms. For instance in Bate-Coxa, the piece demonstrates the character of famous northeast music and traditions. Jongo, a tradition from the southeast of Brazil, brings all the percussive elements that come from African heritage. Both songs come from amazing composers and guitarists who are still writing today for the guitar.

Eduardo: We love the energy of Brazilian music and are very excited to perform these two pieces in the concert! Bate-Coxa and Jongo are two pieces by two great Brazilian composers; both were born in 1950, and they are very important to the guitar repertoire having written many pieces that are performed around the world. Bate-Coxa by Marco Pereira, is based on the Brazilian rhythm called “Coco” which originated from the northern region of Brazil. Jongo by Paulo Belinatti is named for a dance and musical genre from the Southeastern region of Brazil.

What are you looking forward to with this performance, which features many of MSM’s international students?

Gabriele: I’m really excited about the International Students Concert! I feel that it will be a singular experience because both audience and performers will have a place to share what’s unique to each country. For me, the concert will show the diverse international representation at MSM, which is quite large.

Eduardo: I am looking forward to hearing music from different cultures performed by our colleagues. And I’m looking forward to showing Brazilian music which I love!

Gabriele and Eduardo performing in the Lilian Fuchs Winners Competition concert at MSM

“I’m really excited about the International Students Concert! I feel that it will be a singular experience because both audience and performers will have a place to share what’s unique to each country.”

What is it like being a student in the rich international environment at MSM?

Gabriele: A simple word: AMAZING. I feel so filled up being an MSM student. At MSM we have all kinds of support, rights, respect, social actions, and students clubs — all those things together with consciousness to build a strong community. Definitely, I consider MSM my second home in the world.

Eduardo: The MSM community is the best possible! This is my first experience of living abroad. I’ve met people from all around the world, and I’ve been able to learn a lot about other cultures. Being a student in MSM and living in New York is for sure the best experience I’ve ever had.

What do you enjoy in general about being a student at MSM? Why did you want to attend MSM?

Gabriele: When I received the email from MSM offering me a scholarship for a master’s degree, I was astonished to have the possibility to grow both academically and with performance skills, with the help of the best professors.

Eduardo: What I enjoy the most, certainly, is the community. I’ve made many friends here at MSM and I really feel I belong here. Before coming to MSM, I was looking forward to collaborating with the amazing musicians that are students here. And it is happening! I’ve been playing a lot with many different instrumentalists.

How are you enjoying living in New York City?

Gabriele: I’m so happy to be here living the dream. NYC is a tremendous place; it is kind of funny when people say, “Everything happens in New York.” A lot of things happen here for real, such as arts, economics, tourism, education, etc. There are so many museums, theater, pubs, cultural places to visit, and many people sharing stories. Everyday I wake up filled with good energy. I really enjoy when nature meets the city so one of my favorites things I love about New York is the public parks. It is so astounding to see that each neighborhood has a good number of parks just for people to hang out and relax between their activities.

Eduardo: Living in New York City is a dream come true. I have the opportunity to attend many concerts, go to parks, museums, and other places that I used to know by watching movies.

What are your plans for this summer and the rest of 2022?

Gabriele: The plan for the summer is to return to Brazil to tour the country for the first time. I’ll be playing the Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto for the first time with Orchestra, debuting a piece for guitar and string quartet, and playing with Edu in two recitals. In July, Edu and I will return to New York to play at the UN Security Forum. In the fall I will start a DMA at SUNY Stony Brook, but I also intend to return to MSM whenever possible to honor my friends.

Eduardo: In June, Gabriele and I are going to Brazil to play some concerts in São Paulo. After, I’m going to my hometown, Porto Alegre, to enjoy some time with my friends and family. In July, we’ll be back in New York to play the opening concert of the United Nations Security Council and to enjoy the rest of the summer in New York City.

“The MSM community is the best possible! This is my first experience of living abroad. Being a student in MSM and living in New York is for sure the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Eduardo Gutterres (MM '23, left) and Gabriele Leite (MM '22, right) with Brazilian guitar virtuoso Marcelo Kayath

The two students in this article are supported by scholarships and sponsorships provided by the Augustine Strings Foundation. 

7:30 PM

16th Annual International Students Concert

Miller Recital Hall
130 Claremont Ave
New York, NY 10027

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