April 26, 2022

The MSM Musical Theatre Senior Showcase 2022 presents MSM talent to industry professionals

Each year, the MSM Musical Theatre program showcases its graduating class to Broadway and theatre industry professionals in New York City.

MSM Dean of Musical Theatre Liza Gennaro explains why this event is so important and what young performers need to succeed in the industry.

What is the MSM Musical Theatre Senior Showcase?

The MSM Musical Theatre Senior Showcase serves our graduating students as a formal introduction to the theatre industry and a celebration of the Bachelor of Music degree completion. Performances take place in a location near the theatre district, this year at the Manhattan Movement Arts Center on May 16 at 4 PM and 6:30 PM.

Casting directors, talent agents, industry professionals, MSM faculty, friends and families attend, and each senior performs one song.

The goal of the performance is for our Musical Theatre seniors to showcase their talents and be considered for auditions and professional representation by talent agents. We create a senior showcase website page that publishes each student’s headshot, resume, website, contact information, and social media handles. Seniors are contacted after the performances by industry professionals either directly for auditions, or through me.

Why is this showcase important for the students?

The senior showcase is very important for our students as it is a really great way for students to connect with the industry as new talent entering the profession. We are thrilled to be able to give them this opportunity, and we are proud to show off the talent that is graduating from this program.

SLIDE SHOW: Highlights of 2022 MSM Musical Theatre performances including Sunday in the Park with George, Don't Stop Me, On the Brink of a Lovely Song, and Missed: Connections.

How much work do the students put into preparing for this showcase?

Students work on their showcase performance during the entire spring term. At MSM, in addition to the live showcase which is videotaped and made available to industry folks, we provide our seniors with a recording session by our Recording Arts department in the Orto Center. These recordings feature a second song or monologue, are beautifully made, and are a great addition to our seniors’ websites.

How challenging is it for musical theater actors to get a foot in the door these days?

Theatre has always been a challenging profession to work in. Today, with so many talented and skilled students graduating from college training programs, the competition is higher than ever.

Thankfully, there are many acting jobs that students are qualified for on Broadway, off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, on tours, in fringe theatre, theme parks, television, film, workshops, readings, and more. Today there are many cities both nationally and internationally where our graduating students can live and work in theatre, and where opportunities are plentiful.

MSM Dean of Musical Theatre Liza Gennaro speaking at an event for her recent book, Making Broadway Dance.

What makes the MSM Musical Theatre program an important one in the industry?

MSM’s location in New York City and our high level of faculty and production creative teams – all of whom are active in the industry – make MSM an important entity within the industry. Our program is only six years old, but as our students graduate each year and enter the profession, our reputation is growing, largely due to the talented performers we produce.

What does one need for a career in musical theatre today?

Singing, acting, and dancing are mandatory skills and being able to play a musical instrument and sight read make performers even more “castable.” Drive, tenacity and entrepreneurship are also essential. At the MSM Musical Theatre program, we encourage students to create their own work and self-produce. Most important of all is to be a generous collaborator and a positive presence in every room you enter!


Are you a Broadway professional who would like to attend the MSM Musical Theatre Senior Showcase 2022?

Contact: lgennaro@msmnyc.edu

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