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Freshman Hello
January 2021

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7:30 PM

Freshman Hello: Tell The Story

Liza Gennaro, Supervising Director
Shane Schag, Music Director


A Note from Liza Gennaro, Associate Dean and Director of Musical Theatre

Welcome to Freshman Hello! This project has been directed, choreographed, filmed and recorded by the MSM Musical Theatre freshman class. Most years the project is presented as a live performance but due to the pandemic Freshman Class 2024 has created a virtual show.

This production was filmed following all MSM COVID-19 regulations including physical distancing, room vacancy, and masks requirements. Students appearing without masks recorded themselves alone in their homes and/or in accordance with local safety protocols in their particular locations.

Special thanks to sophomores Galvin Yuan and Braedon Young for editing and to our wonderful MSM Musical Theatre sound designer Scott Stauffer for mixing the vocals.

Liza Gennaro
Associate Dean and Director of Musical Theatre

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