Precollege Jazz Program

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Manhattan School of Music is one of the few institutions in the US offering jazz programs for talented students ages 12-18.

The Manhattan School of Music offers jazz programs at the intermediate, secondary, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

In the Precollege division, the Jazz Arts major students aged 12-18, are accepted by audition.

The Precollege Jazz Arts program includes private lessons, combos, big band, and studies in improvisation, ear training, theory, composition/arranging, and jazz history/styles/analysis. Please note we do not offer a jazz voice major.

The program gives talented instrumentalists the opportunity to grow as young jazz artists. Students in this program have won numerous national honors including Downbeat, ASCAP, Mingus, and Monk Awards.

The basic tuition package for the jazz programs includes four classes:

  • Private 60-minute lesson each Saturday
  • Theory Class
  • Ear Training Class or History / Styles / Analysis Class
  • Jazz Combo (as assigned)

MSM Precollege Jazz on the Manhattan School of Music's YouTube Channel


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