Precollege Student Account Information

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How to pay your Precollege bill, avoid late fees, get a MSM ID card, and much more.

Contact Student Accounts


10 AM – 4 PM

Rooms: A-440 and A-441

Tel: 917.493.4467 or 917.493.4785

Saturday Office Hours

  • Variable. If there is not a staff member present, please deposit payments in the drop box between rooms A-440 and A-441.

Parents of Precollege students are also encouraged to contact the Student Accounts Office during regular College hours.

Important Dates for Spring 2024

December 1, 2023Fall invoices and payment plan information available for the parents of all confirmed students on the student portal. Detailed information about your charges, required documents and payments will be sent to the student’s MSM email address.

January 5, 2024Deadline for Spring semester payment: All tuition and other charges not covered by scholarship or a finalized payment plan are due to the Student Accounts Office along with supporting documents.

January 8, 2024 — Late fees commence

Please complete and return the Precollege Student Financial Responsibility Agreement to the Student Accounts Office.

Two options for how to pay your invoice balance (details below)

Please Note: Deadline for Spring semester payment: January 5, 2024

Parents may pay their child’s balances in full, or enter a payment plan. If neither option is chosen by January 5, 2024, you may receive a nonrefundable late charge of $100.


Other Important Information regarding payment of Precollege Tuition:


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