Weather Advisory

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How the current weather in New York is affecting activities at MSM

February 13, 2024

Dear MSM Community,

MSM Activities, Classes/Exams, and Events

Based on current conditions at MSM at 7 AM EST on February 13, we will remain open and all scheduled activities will continue. We understand that conditions may vary based on your geographic location. Should local conditions or childcare needs challenge your ability to be on campus today, you may work from home or teach your class on Zoom.

For faculty:

  • any changes to the delivery of your course should be announced through CANVAS with an email to and
  • a change in delivery mode may be challenging, especially for commuting students who need to be on campus.

For staff:

  • if you are unable to work on campus today, contact your supervisor to discuss your plan for today.

NYC Winter Weather Resource

Review this page for New York City-related updates and tips:

Please plan extra commuting time. This message will be posted on the Weather Advisory page as well.

Warm regards,


Provost Joyce Griggs
Executive Vice President and Provost



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