Postgraduate Studies

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Certificate programs for students of exceptional skill and talent to continue studies after Master's level study.

Professional Studies Certificate (PS)

The Professional Studies Certificate program is designed for accomplished performers possessing a Master of Music degree, a Postgraduate Diploma, or the equivalent. This one-year full-time program is offered in classical performance and is designed for students who wish to pursue an advanced level of study and prepare for major competitions, auditions, or career entry positions. The program consists of private lessons, ensembles, electives, and a graduation recital for a total of 24 credit hours completed in the academic year.

Artist Diploma

The Artist Diploma is a one-year course of study designed for students whose performance level is of the highest international standards, significantly above the level required of doctoral or Postgraduate Diploma students. Artist Diploma students must be full time (a minimum of 12 credits per semester). The Artist Diploma is available in Classical Piano, Voice, Organ, Guitar, Accompanying, and Orchestral Instruments.

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