Doctoral Studies

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A program for students with a Master's degree seeking a career in performance, or to teach at the college level.

The Doctor of Musical Arts program of study is designed for individuals wishing to reach the pinnacle of musical expertise, for a career in performance, or to teach at the college level.

At MSM, the DMA consists of two separate divisions: Classical and Jazz Arts, with majors within each division listed below.

Completion of the program requires a minimum of 60 credits in approved graduate courses, listed in our Course Catalog.

Students are expected to demonstrate strong academic capabilities in addition to a high level of achievement in performance or composition.

Admission to the program is granted to students holding a Master’s Degree or equivalent, and acceptance is determined by audition and examinations in music history and theory.

Doctoral applicants must complete examinations in-person at the time of their audition. Fall 2023 Doctoral exams will take place on February 27, March 1 & March 3, 2023.

Please read the Entrance Exam Study Guide for suggestions on how to prepare for entrance exams.

For additional information, please read the Doctoral Studies Handbook:

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