April 9, 2021 12:15 pm

MSM String Chamber Orchestra with Kyle Ritenauer (BM ’11, MM ’15), Conductor

To watch, please click on the white arrow in the middle of screen once broadcasting starts.

12:15 PM EDT

MSM String Chamber Orchestra

Kyle Ritenauer (BM ’11, MM ’15), Conductor
Vald Hontila, Violin
Jennifer Ahn, Violin


Janáček Suite for String Orchestra

Bologne Symphonie Concertante in G Major for Two Violins and Orchestra, Op. 13

Vlad Hontila, violin
Jennifer Ahn, violin

Shostakovich Chamber Symphony for Strings in C Minor, Op. 110a

Livestream produced and engineered by
The Orto Center for Distance Learning and Recording Arts

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