February 16, 2021

MSM Spotlight: Senior Musical Theatre Student Elizabeth Baxley

Elizabeth talks to us about her role in The Mystery of Edwin Drood streaming February 19–21 at 7:30pm, what it was like filming during a pandemic, MSM’s Musical Theatre program, and her plans for the future.

What is your role in the production?

Elizabeth: The delicate (but cunning) miss Rosa Bud!

What was it like filming the production?

Elizabeth: Filming this production was something I will never forget. In short, it was bittersweet. When the virus hit last March 2020, we were roughly a week out from opening our vibrant show in all of its live, theatrical glory. I would often imagine my family there—in that beautiful auditorium—just waiting for the lights to go down and the orchestra to play. But I am so grateful we found a way to prevail despite the circumstances. Instead of merely sitting in the audience, my family rallied around me to make the show filming possible. They were my camera crew, lighting crew, and support system! While I often reminisce on what could have been, I am so glad we found a way to make this show happen. Our creative team was also magnificent, and there is not enough gratitude in the world I can offer them. It is easy to dwell on the could-have-beens, but it is even easier to see that there is so much to be thankful for.

Elizabeth performs the role of Rosa Bud in MSMs production of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood".

What’s your favorite part about the show?

Elizabeth: My favorite part in the show is performing “No Good Can Come From Bad”. Blood is boiling, stakes are high, and impending doom is in the air. The characters all sing themes that overlap and the audience gets a glimpse of the little bit of evil within each of them. It reveals that even the most “innocent” characters might have the ability to do the unthinkable.

How has this school year been for you?

Elizabeth: This school year was not what I expected my senior year to look like, and it is hard not to wish it were different. When you are states away from your classmates and school, it is so easy to feel isolated and alone. It is easy to let doubt come in. But my family and mentors have been getting me through with their invaluable advice and support. If I am being honest, this year has been a struggle for me (as it has been for many)—and I am still working to sort through it all. Finding people to be “in your corner” at this age is tough, and the pandemic certainly doesn’t help. But aside from all I have learned this year at school, I have learned so much about myself. I am so much stronger than I could have known, and I am so proud of myself.

While I often reminisce on what could have been, I am so glad we found a way to make this show happen despite the circumstances.

BM '21, Musical Theatre

Why did you choose attend MSM? What do you like best about it?

Elizabeth: I chose to attend MSM because of their emphasis on what makes each of us unique. I felt as though this school, more than others, has wanted to bring out our differences and make them shine. What I like best about MSM is the faculty—they are everything!

What projects are you working on now?

Elizabeth: I am currently in MSM’s production of Iron John, which has a fantastic creative team. I am also revving up for our senior showcase and graduation. I am so excited. There are a few other things in the works, but a lot of it is still uncertain due to the pandemic.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Elizabeth: There are so many things I aspire to do in the future that it would be impossible to name them all. I want to meet new people and future friends. I want to work in different parts of the world, in different mediums of my craft. I want to be lucky enough to be successful and blessed enough to be truly happy. There are so many things I want to do in the future, but all I can do now is hold on to the promise of possibility.

MSM Musical Theatre presents:
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

A Musical by Rupert Holmes

FEB 19, 20, & 21 | 7:30 PM EST

Evan Pappas, Director
Liza Gennaro, Choreographer
David Loud, Musical Director

Please note: advance registration is required to view the online production. 

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