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MSM Distance Learning offers K-12 standards-based music and interdisciplinary programs to public and private schools around the globe as well as music enrichment programs for lifelong learners in library, retirement and community-center settings. For K-12 audiences, national and New York state learning standards are incorporated into each program’s content, design and assessment, as are connections to core subjects such as Social Studies, Language Arts, World History, and Mathematics. Applied music instruction such as private and group lessons and instrumental and vocal ensemble coachings in classical, jazz, and musical-theatre styles.

On-Demand and Customized Learning:

All of our K-12 and lifelong learning programs are fully-on demand. They are scheduled to accommodate your school or community needs, and can be modified for specific grade levels, age groups, and curriculum requirements.

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MSM Distance Learning's Partnership with The Gould Academy

“It’s always good that students get the opportunity to hear such excellent levels of musicianship. Especially as we live in a rural community and many would never attend a jazz event such as this. It’s also good that they see that people play jazz and improvise in music for a living!”

Lockerbie Academy, Scotland

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