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MSM Distance Learning uses high definition video conferencing to facilitate near-real-time interaction between musicians at remote locations

What is HD video conferencing?

HD video conferencing is an electronic technology that allows for live, interactive audio-visual communication between two or more places separated by distance.

How we connect

We connect via H.323 protocols with Polycom HD with Music Mode™ over Internet2, a dedicated research and education high-speed network. We also connect via LOLA and Ultragrid, two low-latency, near-real-time video conferencing solutions. For those without access to these hardware solutions, we can also connect via Zoom™, a cloud-based video conferencing solution, and Polycom’s Real Presence Desktop, a desktop alternative.

“I think that the information became real for the students. Your program was very professional and I will use your example in future VC’s. Your professionalism, pre-conference preparation, and communication was SUPER!!!”

North Shore High School

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