MSM Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Numbers & Contact Information

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Call 917-493-4444 to reach Campus Safety in an emergency

Call 911 to reach New York City first responders

  • To report any emergency, including a crime, to the New York City Police Department, Fire Department, or emergency services, call 911 from any phone. If you call 911 or Campus Safety from a cellphone, be prepared to tell the operator your exact location.

Things to remember when calling 911 or Campus Safety

  • Stay on the line until the operator ends the call
  • Tell the operator which building you are in or near and where you are in the building. Remember, MSM’s address is 130 Claremont Avenue
  • Give the operator all the details of the incident

To Report a Sexual Assault

  • You have the option of calling 911 or Campus Safety at 917-493-4444.
  • You may also contact Title IX Coordinator Carol Matos, at 917-493-4450.
  • Outside of regular business hours, students can contact MSM’s trained official, who is available 24/7. Call 917-493-4161 and ask for April Jenkins.
  • For more information on options for reporting issues or seeking emergency assistance, go to the School’s Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy.

To Report a Serious, but Non-Emergency, Issue

  • Call Campus Safety at 917-493-4444.
  • Or, if an incident arises in Andersen Hall, you may call 917-376-2418 or 917-683-7864 and ask for April Jenkins or one of the many Resident Assistants.

You Have A Voice at MSM

Please use this page and form to share any concerns or suggestions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion on the MSM campus.

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