MSM Emergency Response Plan

How the School Will Notify You

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General Emergency Situation

When sudden incidents or emergencies arise requiring immediate evacuation, lockdown, lockout, or sheltering-in-place, the School will give notification campus-wide using multiple means of communication, following its Emergency Communications Strategy.  This will include electronic notifications, P.A. systems, sirens, website postings, social media, notice from Campus Safety and Resident Assistants, and any other communication method that is available and most effective under the circumstances. Information may also be provided by news outlets or law enforcement.

Electronic notification to your phone or mobile device is often the best form of notice.  All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to provide electronic contact information to the School so that electronic notification can be provided through texts or e-mails regarding emergencies. MSM’s emergency contact form is available at the links below.

Student Notification Sign up
Precollege Students Notification Sign up
Faculty and Staff Notification Sign up


When fire or suspected fire threatens a building or area of campus, the School will give notice through use of fire alarms, use of the Public Address system in the AFFECTED building, and use of electronic notifications or website communications to inform the campus community of evacuation instructions and status of the incident.  News outlets or law enforcement may also provide notice and information.

Severe Weather

When an emergency weather condition requires immediate evacuation, shelter-in-place, or other emergency action, the School will use its Public Address system, website, social media, and electronic communications, as appropriate, to send notifications and instructions to the campus community. MSM will also notify building occupants of the need to seek appropriate shelter.  In addition, city emergency sirens may be activated in a sudden weather emergency such as a tornado.

Localized Emergency Situation

When sudden incidents or emergencies arise that are localized to a particular area of campus or building, the School will give notification to affected community members through electronic communication, P.A. system notifications, use of Campus Safety or Building Coordinators to provide notice and directions, and the School website.

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