MSM Emergency Response Plan

MSM Summer Reunification Plan

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In the event of an evacuation or lockout during MSM Summer, there will be two main objectives for the MSM Administration:

1. Accountability: making best efforts to determine who was able to evacuate the MSM campus This is to aid first responders in locating people who may need assistance. It is also to facilitate the reunification of students with their camp counselors

2. Reunification: making best efforts to ensure that campers are reunited with their camp counselors in the event of an emergency

In the event of an evacuation or lockout, MSM Administration will turn control of the situation over to first responders as soon as possible. MSM’s designated area of evacuation is the main sanctuary in the Riverside Church.

In the event of an evacuation, the Head Counselor and Counselors will lead campers and camp faculty to the nearest available exit, encouraging them to meet at the MSM evacuation area. The MSM Summer Program Manager will be placed at the corner of 122nd Street and Claremont Avenue to do a head count of each passing class of campers. In the evacuation area, Counselors will re-unite with their assigned campers.

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