MSM Emergency Response Plan

Key Locations on Campus

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The Areas of Rescue Assistance

The School has designated certain locations on each floor of the campus as Areas of Rescue Assistance. These are areas in which persons with limited mobility may congregate and await first responders.

  • In Andersen Hall:
    • A-401
    • A-402
    • The 6th floor lounge
  • In the Main Building, third through seventh floors:
    • Room 329
    • Room 420
    • Room 507
    • Room 607
    • Room 707

Fire Department Information Centers

Every building on campus is equipped with a Fire Department Information Center (FDIC).

Campus Safety has placed copies of all personal emergency plans (including names, room numbers, and contact information) for those persons in that building who have submitted a Confidential Self-Identification Form. As the information regarding persons with disabilities is updated or changes, the Director of Facilities and Campus Safety updates the FDICs.

  • Andersen Hall Lobby
  • Rahm Recital Hall
  • Main Lobby, at 601 W. 122nd Street entrance

Emergency Kits Can Be Found in the Following Areas

  • A-401
  • Heckscher Library
  • Myers Recording Studio
  • Neidorff-Karpati Hall (this kit will be available after the renovation of the hall)
  • Greenfield Hall
  • MSM Cafeteria
  • MSM Library
  • Ades Performance Space
  • 6th Floor Lounge in Andersen Hall
  • Andersen Hall Cellar

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