March 12, 2024

At Joan’s Closet, established by MSM Trustee Emerita Joan Taub Ades (HonDMA ’14), MSM students are gifted elegant performance gowns and outfits

The 13th annual Joan’s Closet, open exclusively to Manhattan School of Music students, took place at MSM’s Alan M. and Joan Taub Ades Performance Space on February 15, 2024.

More than 180 MSM students benefit each year from donated formal and semi-formal performance attire in this annual event, established by MSM Trustee Emerita Joan Taub Ades (HonDMA ’14). This year, more than 200 garments were gifted, along with 30 accessories.

“I’m absolutely thrilled… for more than a decade, Joan’s Closet has empowered our immensely talented students by giving them audition and performance wear – which frequently can be cost-prohibitive for them,” Joan Taub Ades says about this special event. “Wearing these beautiful clothes gives our students a more equal footing in important competitions and auditions.”

“I’d like to thank the generous donors who by giving their gowns a second life, have made Joan’s Closet flourish,” Dr. Ades continued. “This is a School of heart, and it certainly has mine.”

CLICK HERE to make an in-kind tax-deductible donation of performance and audition attire.

For further information, please contact Julie Wallin, Director of Annual Giving, at 917-493-4595 or at


Enjoy these photos from this year’s edition of Joan’s Closet!

SLIDE SHOW: Students select outfits at Joan's Closet.

Watch a special video on Joan’s Closet:

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