Joan's Closet

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"Joan's Closet" is a labor of love by former MSM Board of Trustees member Joan Taub Ades, giving female students gently-used audition and recital gowns and outfits.

More than 200 MSM students benefit each year from donated performance formal and semi-formal attire in this annual event, established by Joan Taub Ades.

The eleventh annual Joan’s Closet, open exclusively to Manhattan School of Music students, took place at MSM’s Ades Performance Space in September of 2022.

The importance of the right choice of performance clothes

When a future world-class musician at Manhattan School of Music is preparing for an audition or recital, what she wears is important when making a first impression upon a judge or audience. Depending on a performer’s discipline, attire can play a vital part in the total presentation.

Thanks to Joan Taub Ades’ vision, generosity, and dedication, female MSM students are fortunate to be provided with these essential items that are so important to their musical career.

We hope that you can help Mrs. Ades in her mission!

Joan’s Closet is looking for the following items:

  • dresses
  • gowns
  • dress shoes
  • shawls and wraps
  • accessories


Joan’s Closet featured on New York’s CBS2 October 2013, available online now.

Joan Ades has been featured as a “Donor of the Day” by The Wall Street Journal.

SLIDE SHOW: More than 200 MSM students benefit each year from "Joan's Closet."

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