October 5, 2021

MSM’s new Student Union and Student Lounge is open!

Two newly designed campus spaces are the Student Union along with the centerpiece of the Union, The Baisley Powell Elebash Student Lounge.

“These new spaces represent a profound enhancement to student life at MSM,” says Manhattan School of Music President Gandre. “I look forward to enjoying these spaces with the MSM Community!”

Main image above: Artist rendering of the designed space

The Student Union

The space was designed by the Brooklyn-based studio Lubrano Ciavarra, the same architectural firm that designed MSM’s Andersen Hall Level C practice rooms and acting/dance studios (https://lcnyc.com/) and opened in September, 2021.

The Student Union is comprised of:

  • A newly redesigned Baisley Powell Elebash Student Lounge (see below);
  • An expanded and redesigned Student Life Office;
  • The Campus Store is moving from its current location next to the Box Office in Andersen Hall; and
  • Cafeteria.

A mirror installed behind wood-panelling reflects light from above

The Baisley Powell Elebash Fund Student Lounge

The project is a major renovation has transformed the former MSM entrance lobby, situated at the top of the cafeteria stairs.

The 2,000 square-foot space is now a vibrant space for students, thanks to a $450,000 grant from The Baisley Powell Elebash Fund.

The new lounge is a place where students can socialize and relax between classes, practice sessions, and rehearsals, or at the end of a long day. It will be a center of gravity for student life that will also serve as a gathering place for various functions and get-togethers, and will accommodate newly expanded offices and student group spaces for the Student Life department.

This multi-purpose lounge features comfortable and movable furniture to support a variety of social, educational, and service activities.

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