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Residence Life Staff

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Director of Residence Life

The Director of Residence Life works with the entire Residence Life staff team to provide opportunities for students to get to know one another and form a caring community. The Director also works closely with the entire Student Affairs staff to assist students in their adjustment to life at Manhattan School of Music. The Director of Residence Life directs or assists with the day-to-day operations and events of the Office of Residence Life including opening of the School, graduation, RA and OL selection and supervision, training and development of RAs and other student leaders, housing assignments, service events, and Andersen Hall programs. The Director of Residence Life acts as an advisor, responds to emergency situations, administers judicial process, mediates conflicts, and assists in additional duties as needed

Housing Operations Coordinator

The Housing Operations Coordinator is the go-to person for all day-to-day needs of living in the residence hall. This includes maintenance requests, questions about billing, meal plans, housing deposits, and short term housing (winter and summer). The Housing Operations Coordinator also supervises a team of student workers/office assistants who perform daily office tasks such as answering the phones, doing the mail, etc.

Residence Life Graduate Intern

The Residence Life Graduate Intern is a graduate student studying Higher Education Administration hired to assist the Office of Residence Life and the entire Student Affairs team. The Residence Life Graduate Intern provides office coverage in the residence hall and helps with the day-to-day operation of the residence hall and the Student Affairs program.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

The RAs are students who report to the Director of Residence Life. The RAs work closely with the residents of the building and help them thrive as students. They also facilitate opportunities for students to come together, get to know one another, and form a caring community. They help with all events of the Office of Residence Life.

The RAs are selected through a competitive process early in the spring semester. The staff returns early each semester for an extensive training program covering topics such as conflict resolution, emergency procedures, and programming. Each RA is assigned to a floor/area and has direct responsibility for working with residents on the floor or in that area. An RA is able to explain Manhattan School of Music services and offices, react to emergency situations, listen and offer advice, host programs, and act as a general source of support.

Your RA is your first contact for campus concerns; do not hesitate to contact an RA when you need assistance of any kind. If your RA does not have an answer, they will refer you to an appropriate resource. Your RA will hold a floor meeting during the first week of the semester and regular meetings thereafter.

Department of Student Affairs Staff

Dean Monica Christensen, Dean of Students  •  Rm. 120, Main Building

April Jenkins, Director of Residence Life  •  Rm. 6C, Andersen

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