Board of Trustees

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Providing fiscal leadership and oversight of MSM’s mission, strategic goals, and objectives.

Our Board of Trustees

  • Lorraine Gallard


  • David G. Knott, PhD

    Vice Chair

  • James Gandre, EdD


  • Noémi K. Neidorff (BM ’70, MM ’72, HonDMA ’17)


  • Nancy Freund Heller


  • Kishore Ballal

  • Terence Blanchard (HonDMA ’17)

  • Delano R. Copprue

  • Anthony Roth Costanzo (MM ’08, HonDMA ’22)

  • Susan Ennis

  • Eric Gronningsater

  • Han Jo Kim, MD

  • Nicholas Mann

  • Bebe Neuwirth (HonDMA ’15)

  • Bill O'Connor

  • Paul Schnell

  • Leonard Slatkin (HonDMA ’13)

  • Angel Sosa

  • Yvonne Tsao

  • Bernie Williams (BM '16)

Trustees Emeriti
Joan Taub Ades (HonDMA ’14)
Carla Bossi-Comelli (HonDMA ’20)
Marcia Clay Hamilton (HonDMA ’23)
Marta Istomin (HonDMA ’05), President Emerita
Edward Lowenthal (Hon DMA ’23)
David A. Rahm (HonDMA ’07), Chair Emeritus
Robert G. Simon

About our Trustees:

Trustees Emeriti:

Jazz trumpeter Terence Blanchard, who joined the MSM Board of Trustees in spring 2017, receiving an honorary doctorate from MSM President James Gandre at the 2017 Commencement ceremonies at Riverside Church.

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