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The Hugh Masekela Heritage Scholarship

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Manhattan School of Music offered scholarships to exceptional South African musicians over a period of several years.

Hugh Masekela, legendary South African musician, activist, and life-long advocate and embodiment of African identity, heritage, and expression, studied classical trumpet at Manhattan School of Music in the early 1960’s. To honor the legacy of this internationally-renowned alumnus, the ELMA Music Foundation and the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation partnered with MSM for several years and provided full scholarships to six South African music students who came to MSM to pursue Bachelor of Music degrees. The scholarship covered tuition and all living expenses for each of its recipients for the entirety of their four years of study.

The Scholarship is no longer open to new students; several previous recipients are currently finishing their studies at MSM.

A principal goal of this endeavor was to ensure that the Hugh Masekela Heritage Scholarship be awarded to South African students who have faced significant social, educational, cultural, or economic challenges, and who have a demonstrated interest in the advancement of music consistent with Mr. Masekela’s legacy and vision.

“My biggest obsession is to show Africans and the world who the people of Africa really are.”


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VIDEO: South Africa's 24-hour news network eNCA reports on the launch of the Hugh Masekela scholarship at MSM

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