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What you need to know about the cost of an education at Manhattan School of Music.

The charts below list direct, billable costs for certain subsets of students as well as average potential expenses for most Manhattan School of Music (MSM) students.

These costs are for the Academic Year (nine months from September to May). MSM does not offer a summer semester. When reviewing and making financial choices, please take an in-depth look at your own personal situation to determine expenses you might incur in addition to the direct, billable charges you will have from MSM.

Please visit our Scholarships & Financial Aid  pages to learn about ways your education can be funded.


Financial Aid

Student Accounts
917-493-4467 and 917-493-4464
Fax: 212-865-1128


Direct (billable) Costs if Living on Campus
2024-2025 on Campus (9 Months)

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Tuition $55,750
General Student Fees $1,300
Meal Plan (Gold) $6,250
Housing (Double Room) $11,800
MSM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) $3,700*
Total $78,800 (estimate)

*Exact 2024-2025 MSM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) rates are pending.


Direct (Billable) Costs if Living Off Campus
2024-2025 Off Campus (9 Months)

Tuition $55,750
General Student Fees $1,300
Meal Plan (commuter) $690
MSM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) $3,700*
Total $61,440 (estimate)

* Exact 2024-2025 MSM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) rates are pending.

Potential Additional Estimated Educational Expenses (9 Months)

Technology, Books, and Supplies
*Includes a cost estimate for the purchase of a personal computer.
Transportation $1,600
Miscellaneous $3,000
Total $6,100

General Student Fee

This fee is split between the Fall and Spring semesters.

Meal Plan

MSM meal plans are declining balance meal plans. The prepaid amount is applied to the student’s ID card at the beginning of each semester. Each purchase reduces the balance on the student’s card. For example, if a student chooses eggs and orange juice for breakfast and it costs $6.00, then $6.00 is deducted from the student’s balance. For more information about MSM meal plans, see the list below or contact Residence Life at

The following are four meal plan options for the 2024-2025 Academic Year (9 months):

  • Commuter: $690 (This plan is required of all students who live off campus; it is not available for students who live on campus.)
  • Bronze: $3,500
  • Silver: $4,730
  • Gold: $6,250

Changes to the meal plan can be made for the upcoming semester until the first day of that semester by contacting Residence Life at Additional funds can be added at any time to a student’s meal plan by visiting Room A-442 in Anderson Hall.


The above housing cost is based on a standard double room that most on-campus students are assigned.  On a limited basis there are a few other options (with cost differences). Freshman and sophomore undergraduate students are required to live on campus in most cases. For more information about housing, please visit housing and residential life.

Health Insurance

ALL full-time Manhattan School of Music students are required to have health insurance that meets the minimum essential coverage requirements set by the U.S. Affordable Care Act.  ALL full-time Manhattan School of Music students will be pre-enrolled in the plan and charged via their student bill. The MSM policy is MANDATORY for all F-1 visa holders entering a new program in 2024-2025. International health insurance plans are no longer accepted. Domestic students will be allowed to submit an online waiver request application through the UnitedHealth Care Student Resources student insurance portal and may be granted a waiver of the school-sponsored plan under certain conditions. Paper waiver requests are no longer accepted. Waiver applications submitted after 08/15/24 will incur a $100 late fee that will be added to your student account bill.

The MSM-sponsored student health insurance plan will cover the student for one full academic year, 08/20/24-08/19/25. Enrollment is for the full year and cannot be changed. If a student takes a leave of absence, withdraws, or changes to part-time status prior to the academic year end, their coverage under the plan will continue through the end of the enrollment period and NO REFUNDS will be issued. Part-time, Exchange, and DMA students in their third year and beyond are not required to submit health insurance information or enroll in the MSM-sponsored plan.  The cost for the MSM-sponsored student health insurance plan for the 2024-2025 school year is estimated to be $3,700. For more information about the MSM student health insurance plan (SHIP) health insurance requirements or for details of waiver eligibility, please visit MSM Student Engagement website pages.

New York City Cost of Living

New York City’s visual and performing arts scene is unprecedented and MSM’s location allows students easy access to all that New York City has to offer.  Having access to so many amenities can lead to a higher cost of living than in other cities.  While it is possible to live in New York City economically, please be aware of potentially higher costs  When planning and budgeting for the year, be sure to take into consideration potentially higher costs.

Net Price Calculator

Please use the Net Price Calculator provided by the US Department of Education, tailored to Manhattan School of Music, to give you a basic idea of the amount of aid you may receive.

New York State Projected Cost of Attendance

2020-2021 2021-2022
Tuition and Fees $50,048 $50,840
Room and Board $16,369 $16,340
Technology, Books, and Supplies $1,000 $1,000
Miscellaneous $3,000 $3,000
Transportation $1,600 $1,600
Health Insurance *** ***
Total $72,017 $72,780

Graduation Rate: 72.1%
Median Borrowing Rate: $49,000
Loan Default Rate: 1.8%
National Average Loan Default Rate: 13.7%

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