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Information about audio duplication services offered by MSM Recording Arts.

MSM Recording Requests

MSM students, faculty and Precollege parent/guardians may purchase up to three physical disc copies (CD/DVD) or digital files of a recorded MSM performance in which they or their student performed, such as a jazz or orchestra concert, student composers’ concert, or departmental recital.

The date and library catalogue number of MSM concert recordings is needed at the time you make your request and can be found on MSM’s Peter Jay Sharp Library website.

  • Please fill out a Recording Copy Request Form and return it to the Recording Arts Office in Room 312 with the applicable payment.
  • You will be notified within 5-7 business days when your recordings are ready to pick up or download.

To request a copy of concert on which you did not perform, signatures of all performers and composers are required before the recording can be released.  Please contact the Recording Arts Office for more information.

Duplication & Media Transfers

Myers Recording Studio can transfer audio recordings from older media such as DAT tapes, LPs, minidiscs and cassettes to CD or digital files. Up to three CD copies of any one recording can be produced by Myers Recording Studio.

  • Please fill out a Recording Copy Request Form and return it to the Recording Arts Office with your media and any applicable payment.
  • All payments to Myers Recording Studio must be in the form of cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.

The fee for real-time transfers from media such as DAT tapes, minidiscs, LPs or cassettes is calculated at an hourly rate. An estimate will be provided when the material is dropped off and the final payment will be due upon completion. A minimum of 7 business days are required to complete any transfer project.

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