Disability Services

Faculty/Staff Resources

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Referrals & Accommodations

Learn how and when it is appropriate to make a referral to Disability Services. Understand reasonable accommodations and how to provide and implement them. Understand confidentiality surrounding student disability information.

Best Practices

Learn about best practices that will help you design inclusive and accessible courses. This section will touch on class access, accessible course materials, exams and learning assessments, lecture content availability, and the syllabus statement.

Universal Design

Learn about Universal Design and how its principles can be adapted to create optimal learning in remote and in-person classroom environments. By employing universal design for learning strategies, faculty and instructors can create assessments, activities, and course materials that are accessible and inclusive for a diverse range of students.

Accessible Course Design in Canvas

Learn the basics of accessibility for Canvas, MSM’s learning management system.  Understand how to create accessible formatting, image usage, color contrast, audio, video, documents, and resources in Canvas.

MS Office Accessibility – Word & PowerPoint

Learn how to make your Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint slides and presentations accessible. You can access video trainings, resources, and tips to help you create accessible lecture content.

Zoom Accessibility Techniques

With numerous classes being taught over Zoom, this section gives you tips on how to teach optimally in a remote setting. Learn about settings, keyboard shortcuts, and best practices for before and during your Zoom session.

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