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Disability Services

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In accordance with Section 504 and the ADA, Manhattan School of Music's Department of Student Success strives to provide all students with an accessible, equitable learning environment.

Registering for Disability Services

To register for disability services at MSM, students should follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit a Disability Services Request Form
  2. Submit a Disability Services Release Form
  3. Submit supporting documentation to Disability Services
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Success

Academic Accommodations

Students must request academic accommodations at the start of each academic year. Once a student’s accommodations have been approved, the Director of Student Success will provide the student with a letter of accommodation and email it to relevant faculty each semester. Academic accommodations take effect once a faculty member has received a letter of accommodation.

Testing Accommodations

If a student receives testing accommodations, she is required to fill out the Testing Accommodation Form and return it to the Director of Student Success, two weeks in advance of an exam. In some cases, it is also possible to negotiate testing accommodations directly with a faculty member.


If you are not satisfied with your accommodations decision or the implementation of your accommodations, you may contact the Dean of Students.


Vaughn Watson
Director of Student Success


Disability Services Request Form
Disability Services Release Form
Testing Accommodation Form

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