November 1, 2019

Admissions Blog: Helpful Tips for Creating Prescreening Videos

While working on your Manhattan School of Music college application, you may find that the program you’re applying to requires you to submit a prescreening video.

Think of the prescreening video as your business card or resume—your first impression that you’ll make on our faculty and Admissions Team. Depending on your prescreening scores, you may be invited for a live audition on MSM’s campus in the spring semester.

It is not a requirement to submit professional or studio recordings, so our Admissions Team has come up with six tips for creating standout prescreening videos all on your own!

1. Review Your Requirements

To view the prescreening requirements for your program of study, look at the program page to which you are applying.

2. Audio is Key

As you already know, your sound is the most important aspect of the prescreening videos! Choose a location with good acoustics and minimal background noise, such as a practice room or recital space. Avoid spaces with high ceilings and hard surfaces that create too much of an echo effect.

3. Set Up Your Shot

You and your instrument should be in full view in the frame at all times, so be sure to adjust your camera accordingly. Record your videos in a well-lit space so that faculty are able to view your technique clearly. Move anything that could be distracting from your performance, and make sure that you are the only person in the videos.

You can teach technique, but you cannot teach passion nor potential!

MSM Voice Faculty

4. Dress to Impress

While there’s no need to dress in formal attire, you should wear something that you feel comfortable in that doesn’t restrict body movements. Think of your prescreening videos as a dress rehearsal for your potential live audition.

5. Show Your Passion

As one of our faculty members always says, “you can teach technique, but you cannot teach passion nor potential!”

6. Review & Upload

Don’t forget to review your recordings when you’re finished creating them to make sure they represent your best work! Remember, all recordings must be unedited. Once you’re satisfied with your recordings, submit them through the application.

If you have any questions about prescreening or the application process, feel free to contact the Office of Admission!

Office of Admission

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