December 19, 2019

Admissions Blog:
Musical Theatre Audition Tips

With Musical Theatre auditions just weeks away, we asked our Admissions Student Representatives to reflect on their audition experience at MSM and share advice with prospective students.

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Bobby Barksdale (BM '23)

“Just breathe!”

“Be kind, courteous, and prepared with your binder and audition materials. Don’t allow other applicants get to you—just breathe, center yourself, and don’t let any negativity affect you. Go in knowing you’re going to give it your all and don’t worry about what happens after. The most important thing is that you are happy with the performance you’ve given. You have nothing to prove, only to share, so go in and share your gifts. No matter the outcome, I know our wonderful faculty are delighted to have heard and seen you perform.”

— Bobby Barksdale (BM ’23)

Raffaela Cicchetti (BM '20)

“Show them who you really are.”

“When you walk into the room, remember to be yourself and show your essence. Always lead with something you are extremely comfortable with and that shows them who you really are. They want to see YOU! Be ready to make different acting choices if asked. Have all of your music very clearly marked and understand the feel of your piece so you can really communicate that to the accompanist—they are your friend! Before you enter the room, take the time you need to prepare. And lastly, be nice to everyone!”

— Raffaela Cicchetti (BM ’20)

Zane Zapata (BM '22)

“No one is expecting you to be perfect.”

I believe it’s very important to be as prepared as possible. When I’m prepared for an audition it makes a world of a difference. No one is expecting you to be perfect, so try to relax and be yourself. One thing that helps me while being in the audition room is to smile—it helps keep positive vibes!

— Zane Zapata (BM ’22)

Bailey Pierce (BM '23)

“Everyone wants you to succeed.”

Walk in with confidence! Make sure your music is in the order you plan on singing it to make it easier on the accompanist, and that it’s clearly marked. Don’t worry about being quiet when you talk them through your pieces either, it’s not a secret! Everyone wants to see you succeed, especially the people behind the table! Before you start your pieces, take a deep breath and center yourself before you begin. Best of luck to all!

— Bailey Pierce (BM ’23)