Orchestral Performance

Prescreening & Audition Procedures

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Information for prospective orchestral performance students applying to Manhattan School of Music.

In response to the global events of 2020, and our subsequent inability to hold live in-person auditions, Manhattan School of Music will only hold recorded and virtual auditions in 2021.

Prescreening requirements have not been affected by this change. Applicants to all areas with a prescreening requirement will be asked to include prescreening materials in their application, which is due December 1, 2020. Prescreening decisions will be released on December 18, 2020.

Audition Requirements

Applicants will submit the required repertoire listed below as separate video recordings by February 1, 2021. Each selection or movement may be uploaded as a separate video. Professional or studio recordings are not required, but the sound quality should be as good as possible. Orchestral Percussion applicants will also participate in a Zoom audition, and Orchestral Flute applicants may be invited for a Zoom callback audition. More information about Zoom auditions can be found below. Unless otherwise noted, the required excerpts denote standard excerpts. Excerpts do not need to be recorded with accompaniment. Each excerpt may be recorded and uploaded as a separate video; there is no need to record the entire list in a single take. There is no sightreading requirement for the 2021 application cycle.

View the requirements for your major below or download a pdf here.