Orchestral Performance

Prescreening & Audition Procedures

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Information for prospective orchestral performance students applying to Manhattan School of Music.

Orchestral Performance Program Prescreening and Audition Requirements

Please find the prescreening and audition requirements for your instrument below. Unless otherwise noted, the required excerpts denote standard excerpts. Excerpts do not need to be recorded with accompaniment. Each excerpt may be recorded and uploaded as a separate video, there is no need to record the entire list in a single take.

The Orchestral Performance program is a focused program for graduate students who wish to prepare intensely for orchestral careers. Students in this program have required mock auditions each semester in place of required recitals and enroll in specialized Orchestral Repertoire classes. If you are only interested in the Classical Program, you can navigate to the Classical Division section of the Prescreening and Audition Requirements Website.

If you are interested in applying to both the Orchestral Performance program and the Classical program, please see the instructions for doing so on your instrument below.