Prescreening & Audition Procedures

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Requirements for Classical Piano

Piano applicants must submit a prescreen video in order to be considered for an invitation to an in-person or recorded audition.

Step 1: Prescreen

  • Include ALL required repertoire for the degree level you are applying to, as listed in the dropdown menu below.
  • Upload your prescreen recordings directly to your application.
  • Prescreen Deadline: December 1.
  • Videos do not have to be a professional or studio recording, but the sound quality should be of high quality and should accurately reflect your musicianship.
  • Each piece or movement should be uploaded as a separate video. However, each individual video must be unedited.
  • All works must be performed from memory.

Step 2: Audition

Applicants who pass the prescreen round will be invited to audition.

  • Prepare ALL of the required audition repertoire for the degree level you are applying to, as listed in the dropdown menu below, from memory.
  • Note that audition repertoire requirements may differ from prescreen requirements. However, applicants may choose to include selections from their prescreen submissions in the audition where requirements overlap.
  • MSM offers in-person and recorded final auditions, except for the Doctoral of Musical Arts & Artist Diploma programs, which require an in-person audition.
  • All submitted videos should clearly show the pianist’s right side of the face, hands on the keys, and feet on the pedals.

Carefully review the specific repertoire requirements for your degree level in the dropdown menu below.


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