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Housing and Meal Plans: Rates and Fees

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Information about the housing and meal plan costs for students living in residence at Manhattan School of Music.

Housing Prepayment

Each student applying to live in Andersen Hall must submit a non-refundable $300 housing prepayment. This prepayment is applied to the cost of housing for the fall semester. A prepayment is not required for students continuing in housing from Fall semester to Spring semester. A prepayment is required for students applying to live on campus only for Spring semester and would then be applied to the cost of housing for the related Spring semester.

To pay their housing deposit, students may pay online on the MSM Students Website in the “MyInfo” section or by completing a payment form with at the Office of Residence Life. Residence Life does not accept cash payments.

Academic Year Rates

The rooms in Andersen Hall vary in size.  An economic double is a room that is occupied by two people but is smaller than the standard double.  Please keep in mind that there are limited numbers of singles and economic doubles available.

The rates for residing in Andersen Residence Hall for the 2017–2018 academic year are as follows:

Please note: The below listed rates do not include winter break housing.

Room Type Cost Per Year Amount Billed Per Semester
Economic Double $8,975 $4,488 (Fall), $4,487 (Spring)
Standard Double $10,250 $5,125
Regular Single $13,975 $6,988 (Fall), $6,987 (Spring)
Premium Single $14,650 $7,325

Meal Plan Rates

All students are required to participate in a declining balance meal plan. The amount of the plan is different for commuting students and students residing in the residence hall. The charge for the meal plan will be on the student’s invoice each semester and the monies will be applied to their student ID card. Students are able to use their meal plan money in MSM’s cafeteria, operated by Chartwells. Students will be able to select their meal plan when completing their housing application. Changes can be made to a meal plan selection until

There are three options to choose from: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Bronze plan is the standard plan and is built for students who want or like to eat out at restaurants often. The Gold plan is for students who plan to eat mostly in the MSM cafeteria. The Silver plan is a mid-range plan for students who want to find a good balance between eating out and eating in the cafeteria.

Meal Plan Cost Per Year Amount Billed Per Semester
Gold $5,225 $2,613 (Fall), $2,612 (Spring)
Silver $3,660 $1,830
Bronze $2,615 $1,308 (Fall), $1,307 (Spring)

Winter Break Housing Rates

The residence hall is closed during the winter break.  Students may register to stay during winter break ONLY if they are a resident during both the fall and spring semesters.  Students not returning to Andersen Hall after the Fall semester must leave immediately at the conclusion of the fall semester and may not register for any portion of the winter intersession housing.

Dates of Stay Rate Payment Due Date
Dec. 17-Jan. 7 $850 Dec. 1, 2017
Dec. 17-Jan. 7 $1,120 Dec. 15, 2017
Portion of break $65/day Dec. 1, 2017

Students wishing to stay for a portion of the break may only select one start date and one end date.  Once payment is made for winter break housing, it is NOT refundable.  Please do not sign up for winter break housing until you are sure of your plans.

Only students approved by the Office of Residence Life will be allowed to enter the hall during winter break. Guests are not allowed in Andersen Hall during winter break.

Refund and Cancellation Policies

Withdrawals and leaves of absence from Manhattan School of Music

Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence for academic reasons may be entitled to the same refund percentage received for tuition. Please refer to the refund schedule below.

Academic & Disciplinary Dismissals

No portion of room fees will be refunded if a student is suspended, expelled, or dismissed from Manhattan School of Music for academic or disciplinary reasons.

Room Refund Policy

Students on the balcony of the Andersen Residence Hall.