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What you need to know about Health Insurance as a student at Manhattan School of Music.

All full-time Manhattan School of Music students are required to have health insurance that meets the minimum essential coverage requirements set by the U.S. Affordable Care Act.

The MSM-sponsored health insurance is mandatory for all F-1 visa holders entering a new program of study since 2015. International health insurance plans are no longer accepted.

All full-time Manhattan School of Music students will be pre-enrolled in the plan and charged via their student bill.

Exemptions: Enrollment is voluntary for Part-time and DMA students in their 3rd year and beyond. Exchange students are subject to exchange agreement and visa requirements, but are not mandated to enroll on the MSM-sponsored plan.

Eligibility Requirements to Waive

Domestic students and international students with a green card will be allowed to submit an online waiver application through this link and may be granted a waiver of the school-sponsored plan after meeting eligibility requirements.

  • Paper waiver requests are no longer accepted.
  • Waiver applications should be submitted before 08/15/18.
  • Waiver applications made after 08/15/18 but before 10/1/2018 will incur a $100 late fee that will be added to your student account account.
  • Waiver applications submitted after 10/1/2018 will be considered on a case-to-case basis and if granted will incur a $250 late fee.

To be eligible to waive the school-sponsored health insurance plan your individual/private plan:

  • Must be valid in New York State
  • Must be effective no later than August 20th (For full-time students enrolled for Fall–Spring academic year, 1- full year of coverage is required August 20, 2018–August 20, 2019 . For students graduating in the Fall, coverage is required through December 31st)
  • New York State Medicaid will be accepted

Students who are approved to waive the MSM-sponsored health insurance plan and are covered by another health insurance provider should contact their health insurance provider directly to request information for local medical providers, urgent care centers and clinics authorized to provide services. ALL students are encouraged to organize a list of medical care providers in the area, including contact information, that accept their individual insurance plan prior to arriving at Manhattan School of Music.

Student Health Insurance Plan

The MSM-sponsored AIIG/CHP health insurance plan is accessible though Through this website you can log in to your account and access all the necessary information about your health insurance plan.

The MSM-sponsored health insurance plan will cover the student for one full academic year, August 20th–August 20th. Enrollment is for the full year and cannot be changed. If a student takes a leave of absence, withdraws, or changes to part-time status prior to the academic year end, their coverage under the plan will continue through the end of the enrollment period and no refunds will be issued.

Once the plan year begins, students who are on the MSM-sponsored plan can access their account, view claims and download a copy of their health insurance card at Students must have their health insurance card with them at all times to receive medical services.

Part-time, exchange, and DMA students in their 3rd year and beyond are not required by MSM to submit health insurance. The cost for the MSM-sponsored student health insurance plan for the 2018-2019 school year is $2,006.


For health insurance billing inquiries contact MSM Student Accounts Office
917-493-4467 or 4464.

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