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Information about tuition payment options.

Fall 2023 invoices are available on the MSM Student Portal.

The deadline for Fall 2023 tuition payment is August 8, 2023.

Detailed information about your charges, required documents, and payments will be sent to your MSM student email address. If you do not see all charges or credits that you expect on your invoice, please check back periodically over the next few days.

Important Dates for Fall 2023 

July 17— Fall Invoices and Payment Plan information available for all confirmed students. 

August 8 — All tuition and other charges not covered by Financial Aid or a finalized payment plan are due at the Student Accounts Office along with supporting documents 

September 6 — First day of classes for the Fall 2023 Semester 

September 25 onwards—Refunds for account credits begin and continue on a weekly basis.  



Office hours:

Rooms: A- 440, A-441 and A-446
Tel: 917-493-4467 or 917-493-4464


Student Accounts


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