Student Affairs

Ways to Get Involved

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Join Student Council, help during Move-In Day, or sing for the elderly in the community - there are many ways to get involved at MSM!

On this page, you’ll learn about the many opportunities offered by the Office of Student Engagement for students to grow leadership skills, engage in community service, explore NYC, and make new friends along the way. We invite you to explore and take part!



Student Council

Join a team of students to organize events and provide leadership for MSM’s student community

Student Organizations

Discover more than 10 student organizations at MSM

Leadership Opportunities

Find out the different ways that you can take on responsibilities as part of the Student Affairs team

MSM’s Center for Career Readiness & Community Impact (CCRCI) Opportunities

MSM’s program that puts MSM student performers and music teachers out in the community

Distance Learning for MSM Students

Receive instruction from the world’s foremost musical artists and/or develop your own teaching skills with music students around the globe

Talking Circles

A special weekend leadership retreat program

Talking Circles weekend, 2020

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